Going Dutch in the EFG London Jazz Festival

14 november 2014 until 23 november 2014

by: London Jazz Festival

Adventurous music from The Netherlands has always been a priority for the EFG London Jazz Festival – just about every great Dutch jazz artist has played its stages during the 22-year history of the Festival. This year, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Bimhuis – Amsterdam’s hub of jazz and new music, that has had such a telling influence on the evolution of jazz in Europe. Apart from Cactus Truck, all these shows are free performances on the Barbican FreeStage, as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival’s commitment to free performances within the Festival programme.

CBG play the Barbican FreeStage on Saturday 15 November at 3.30pm as part of Trans-Europa One. The continuing musical adventures of Amsterdam-based guitarist Guillermo Celano and drummer Marcos Baggiani explore their mercurial melange of styles from melodic writing to driving rock and furious freedom.

Estafest play the Barbican FreeStage on Friday November 21 at 6pm, before the concert celebrating the music of Lindsay Cooper. Four leading improvisers of the Dutch jazz scene create this unusual line-up where distinctive instrumental skills are wrapped up in brilliant short pieces of cutting-edge music. Estafest are Oene van Geel (viola and cajon), Mete Erker (saxophones), Anton Goudsmit (guitar) and Jeroen Van Vliet (piano).

Boi Akih and Guus Janssen play the Barbican FreeStage on Saturday 22 November from 3pm as part of Trans-Europa Two. Boi Akih are musical chameleons with the whole world as their viewer- intense, noisy and pulsating, with Monica Akihary’s vividly expressive voice at the heart of their sound. Inventive and unpredictable, pianist Guus Janssen has been a pillar of the Dutch improvising scene for decades – here he presents a brand new Festival collaboration with British saxophonist Jason Yarde.

Cactus Truck, frequent collaborators with The Ex, create startlingly intense music with hints of delta blues, early free jazz and Japanese noise. They play Club Inegales on Saturday 22 November at 8pm.

More information: www.efglondonjazzfestival.org.uk


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