Fast Forward

The programme 'Fast Forward: talent in international context’ was launched on 1 January 2014 with the goal of offering talented mid-career makers the opportunity to work on an international stage. The programme enables them to collaborate with prominent international producers, and in that way to boost their personal artistic development, international positioning and network growth.

The first phase is an initial phase devoted to scouting potential artists and partners abroad.

The second phase is – where relevant – a preparatory phase involving a visit and discussing a possible project and/or development programme, and the joint preparation by the maker and host/producer abroad. A modest grant is available for this phase to help finance the travel and accommodation expenses, following the intendant’s approval.

The third phase is the so-called project phase. This refers to the eventual development programme, which is the last phase of actually working abroad.

The programme has a duration of two years: 2019 and 2020. Since late 2019, the following makers started on the third phase: Sevdaliza, Klang Ensemble, Stephen Shopshire, Het Geluid, Lisa Verbelen, Jorinde Keesmaat, Panama Pictures, Jorgen Tjon a Fong, Aart Strootman, Gery Mendes and Alexandra Broeder.
All in all, Fast Forward expects to help 15 to 18 makers fulfil a (multi-year) artistic development trajectory abroad. Around 1.7 million euros is available for this programme.

Johan Gijsen is the intendant of the Fast Forward programme. Working with a group of scouts active in the Dutch performing arts world, he links talented performing artists to an international producer, company, venue or festival. The scouts are: Annemieke Keurentjes, Guy Coolen, Jolanda Spoel, Martijn Buser, Piet Menu, Rakesh Kanhai, Samuel Wuersten and Wendy Moonen.
Project manager Vevi van der Vliet provides organisational support. Given the programme’s international character, this edition will collaborate even more intensively with Dutch Performing Arts.

The following 11 makers participated in Fast Forward 1: Ann van den Broek at the Barbican Centre (UK) | Dagmar Slagmolen at Concerts Norway (NO) | Itamar Serussi at Balleto di Roma (IT) | Jetse Batelaan at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (DU)| Jorinde Keesmaat at the Center for Contemporary Opera (USA) | Project Wildeman at Neuköllner Oper and Mare Culturale Urbano (GE & IT) | Ragazze Quartet at Cryptic (UK) | Alida Dors at Les Ballets C de la B (BE) | Sjaron Minailo at De Munt (BE) | Tony Roe at music production company Third Ear (UK) | Wende Snijders at Muziektheater Transparant (BE).

It is not possible to apply for support from Fast Forward. Makers can only be nominated by the committee of scouts.