international promotion programme

Through its International Promotion Programme, the Performing Arts Fund NL provides support to companies and ensembles wishing to take a further step in their international positioning. The programme offers Dutch performing arts organisations with international ambitions the opportunity to develop and implement a strategic plan aimed at exploring and expanding into markets abroad.
It is no longer possible at this point in time to apply to the International Promotion Programme.

Who is eligible for this programme?

The International Promotion Programme is for producing organisations based in the Netherlands that are active in the performing arts in a substantive artistic manner. Only organisations with legal personality are eligible for the programme.

The following organisations are not eligible for this programme:
  • organisations that already receive an organisation grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Basic Infrastructure);
  • organisations active in the field of pop music (including dance and hip hop). For programmes supporting the international promotion of Dutch pop music, visit the website of Dutch Music Export.

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed with reference to the following criteria:
  • The producing organisation’s work has sufficient international (artistic and commercial) potential from an international perspective.
  • The organisation is financially and operationally sufficiently capable of making productions in continuity (for at least two consecutive seasons).
  • From all the applications, an independent advisory committee selects a number of organisations that are invited to submit an English-language project plan with budget.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used to develop and implement an international promotional plan over a period of two years at most. It can for instance be spent on exploring foreign markets, developing a marketing plan, and a targeted approach to programmers and festivals abroad.

Available amounts

The maximum contribution is 50,000 euros for two years. Per year, eight producing organisations at most can be supported.

How and when to apply for this programme?

It is no longer possible at this point in time to apply to the International Promotion Programme. Another round of applications opens in 2022.

More information about this programme is provided in the explanation below and on

Don’t hesitate to call us in case of any questions or doubts about your eligibility for this programme. You can contact