David Kweksilber Big Band at Eight Bridges, Music for Cologne 2017

6 may 2017 until 6 may 2017

by: Acht Brücken | Musik für Köln

SAT 06. May | 19:00 WDR Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Cologne
David Kweksilber Big Band

Exploring Space and Sound via jazz, contemporary music and infinite joy of experimentation.
How do you wind a clock, how do you dissect a burrowing owl? What is better, music or traffic noise, natural idylls or the struggle for existence? Inspired by Julio Cortázar’s fantastic literature, John Cage’s musical philosophy and a letter by Charles Darwin, the big band led by Dutch musician David Kweksilber embarks upon a voyage of discovery. The point of departure is jazz, but where might the journey take them?

SAT 06. May | 11:00 Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Cologne
Family Workshop I - Conducting through Hand Signals with Felicity Provan and Joost Buis

The workshops led by musicians of the David Kweksilber Big Band introduce participants to the world of musical language and communication, with plenty of physical activity and movement. After a warm-up session with body percussion and vocal exercises, various hand signals used by conductors are explained and practiced, indicating dynamics, tempo, repetitions or pitch. Interacting with fellow participants and moving through the space, the participants’ own compositional ideas are implemented and their conducting skills playfully put to the test.

SAT 06. May | 11:00 Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Cologne
Family Workshop II - Telling Stories through Music with David Kweksilber and Wiek Hijmans

This workshop demands imagination. Together with David and Wiek of the David Kweksilber Big Band, participants think up a short story which becomes the basis of an accompanied composition or improvisation, focusing particularly on the clarinet and the electric guitar. With lots of vocal and physical engagement, participants can contribute to the story, bringing language, sound and movement together in one whole.

SAT 06. May | 12:00 Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Cologne
Family Workshop III - Pickup a pBone with Mark Boonstra

The sound of a trombone can be quite close to the human voice. This workshop with Mark Boonstra, the trombonist of the David Kweksilber Big Band, allows anyone interested to explore this phenomenon. The experimentation uses a pBone, a lightweight colourful plastic trombone. The workshop culminates in a brief concert.


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