4 january 2020 until 12 january 2020

Cartagena XIV Music Festival

by: Fundacion Salvi

The Festival is a well-known event in Colombia by which the Fundación sets its name as one of the most distinguished culture foundations in the country. It has contributed to achieve the goals of present world-acclaimed musicians to the people of Cartagena and Colombia, promote young talented musicians, and educate Colombian students in its Master Classes demonstrations.

It is significant for the Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to perform for the first time in Colombia because the Festival constitutes a point of reference in South America and opens a window to strengthen its ties with the South American public. In general, it becomes a new voyage for members of the Orchestra to learn from the Colombian society and its environment, to discover new venues and to enjoy unique experiences. From the social point of view, it represents a chance to learn new lessons and a lifetime kind opportunity for artists involved in Master Classes to share their knowledge with local students and professors and to contribute to the development of musical taste and culture in Cartagena de Indias and Colombia.

Saturday, January 4 7 PM. Opening concert: Schubert and the classic style. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Sunday, January 5 11 AM. 2nd show: Schubert and the classic style. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Sunday, January 5 7 PM. Schubert looks to Beethoven. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Monday, January 6 7 PM. Schubert between the classic and the romantic. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Monday, January 6 10 PM. Not only Schubert 1. Saint Peter´s Square
Tuesday, January 7 7 PM. Schubert and early romanticism. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Wednesday, January 8 7 PM. Schubert, sublime romantic. Adolfo Mejia Theater.
Sunday, January 12 5 PM. The Beautiful and The Sublime, The Symphony. Cartagena Convention Center.
Foto: Wilfredo Amaya
Foto: Wilfredo Amaya


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Foto: Wilfredo Amaya
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