The Fund can grant support for composition or libretto commissions that contribute to the composition climate in the Netherlands. Therefore, foreign organisations can apply for support as well. This will be the case for foreign organisations that want to commission a Dutch composer or librettist. This is relevant when a commission can contribute to building an audience for the composer or librettist in question.

Commissions from foreign organisations will be considered within their specific foreign context. A key factor for consideration will specifically be the value the commission will have for the composer or librettist in question. Why has the foreign commissioner chosen a Dutch composer or librettist? Will the commissioned piece become a staple in the organisation’s repertoire? What does this mean for future concerts? How likely is it that other organisations at home and abroad will perform the composition? Will the commission contribute to further foreign interest in the composer or librettist?

To submit your grant application digitally, you need a password (login code). If you already have a password, you can log in here at My Fund/Mijn Fonds. If you do not have a password yet, request one here. Creating a password can take several days.

Guidelines for applications for composition or libretto commission grants

Explanation for applications for composition or libretto commission grants


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