To apply for a grant, you need to fully complete the application form and to submit the form before the deadline. Before completing the form, please consult all the associated documents such as the official grant regulation and the guidelines that pertain to the grant concerned. Almost all grants are applied for via our digital environment My Fund. You can apply to open an account for My Fund here.


After you submit an application, we first evaluate whether you meet the conditions. Next, the content of the application is assessed, usually by an advisory committee. The board of the Performing Arts Fund NL then takes a decision on whether or not to honour your grant application. You will generally receive a letter within 13 weeks – and often sooner than that – informing you whether your application has been honoured.


If you are awarded a grant by the Performing Arts Fund NL, then this comes with certain obligations. These obligations depend on the type and the amount of the grant. In all cases you are obliged to publicise that your production, concert or festival has been sponsored by a grant from the Performing Arts Fund NL.


If you do not agree with a decision by the Performing Arts Fund NL, then you may file a notice of objection. This notice must be filed within a term of 6 weeks. More information is available here (in Dutch).


Are you unsure about your eligibility for a grant? Or are you unsure which sub-regulation is most appropriate to your project or activities programme? The Performing Arts Fund NL is happy to help you. If you have not applied for a grant from the Performing Arts Fund NL before, then we recommend that you first contact us to discuss whether you can apply for a grant. Phone the general phone number (070-707 27 00) and you will be put through to the right person.

How does it work?

Information about applying for a grant and the further procedure.