Open call: research trip to Sweden for mid-career professionals in the youth performing arts

14 February 2024
Credit: © Bibu Festival
Credit: © Bibu Festival

Do you represent a company, makers collective, producing organisation, venue, production house or festival active in the youth performing arts? Are you interested in collaborating with Swedish performing arts organisations, and would you like to become better acquainted with them? From 12 to 18 May, ASSITEJ Sweden and the Performing Arts Fund NL will organise a six-day research trip for eight to ten persons to Stockholm, Linköping, Gothenburg and Helsingborg. Applications are now open.
About the research trip
In 2023, the Performing Arts Fund NL had a study conducted to determine whether Swedish youth performing arts organisations were interested in collaborating with their Dutch counterparts. The results were positive: in both countries, organisations were interested in each other’s work. The study also found many similarities in the themes and approaches used in the youth performing arts. The research trip is therefore intended to expand participants’ knowledge of the Swedish youth performing arts, to visit contacts who are open to Dutch work and to explore potential collaborations.

As a participant, you will visit producing and presenting organisations that are interested in international exchange and collaboration. The trip will take you to Stockholm, Linköping and Gothenburg, with the Bibu Festival in Helsingborg as the final stop. There, you will have the opportunity to attend Swedish performances (as well as international shows) and meet with international programmers.

In October 2024, a delegation of Swedish artists and festival organisers active in the youth performing arts will visit the Netherlands.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for representatives from companies, makers collectives, producing organisations, venues, production houses and festivals who:

  • Have been working in the youth performing arts for at least five years;
  • Have continuously worked in the youth performing arts (all scenic performing arts are eligible, from dance to mime and from theatre to music theatre) and are established in the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • Work internationally or have international ambitions;
  • Are curious about the Swedish performing arts and have the capacity to take further steps in that regard, for example by presenting performances, inviting Swedish makers, engaging in residencies or setting up exchanges.

Candidates will primarily (but not exclusively) be artistic leaders and makers from collectives or companies, or festival and theatre/dance programmers. A maximum of one person per organisation may participate. The minimum participation period is from 12 to 15 May 2024. English will be spoken throughout the trip.
What we offer
  • Hotel expenses for six nights (three of which are reimbursed by the Bibu Festival);
  • Local travel expenses and tickets to performances;
  • Support from and a programme by ASSITEJ Sweden from 12 to 15 May 2024. After this, each participant will receive a special programme as part of the Bibu Festival;
  • For travellers from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, travel (flight) expenses will be reimbursed.

The following will not be reimbursed:

  • Travel expenses from your place of residence to Sweden and back (with the exception of participants from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). However, participants who travel by train will receive a (maximum) contribution of 250 euros;
  • Meals;
  • Travel and accident insurance (participants are expected to have this).

Those who only wish to participate in the Bibu Festival (15-18 May 2024) can contact the festival organisation and travel at their own convenience and expense.
If you meet the conditions and would like to participate in the research trip, send an English e-mail stating the name of the intended participant and organisation to The deadline for applications is Tuesday 5 March 2024, 17.00 (CET). Include a resumé, a link to the organisation’s website and a written motivation (max. 1 A4) or video motivation (max. 2 minutes) in which you explain the impact the visit could have on your working practice.

Applicants will receive a reply within two weeks after the deadline.
Any questions?
If you have any questions about this open call, contact Anja Krans via
Marmoucha Orchestra on stage | Photo: © M3B GmbH/Jens Schlenker
Marmoucha Orchestra on stage | Photo: © M3B GmbH/Jens Schlenker
Credit: © Vika Strawberrika via Unsplash
Credit: © Vika Strawberrika via Unsplash
Pete Harden | Photo: © Tessa Veldhorst
Pete Harden | Photo: © Tessa Veldhorst
FuturoPresente | Credit: © Xaviera Altena
FuturoPresente | Credit: © Xaviera Altena