jazzahead 2014

The Dutch Umbrella at Jazzahead (Congress Centre, stand B11)
Thu-Sun April 24 – 27
Around a hundred Dutch professionals are present at Jazzahead, representing music from the Netherlands and scouting for great music from elsewhere for the Dutch venues and festivals. You can find Dutch delegates all over the trade fair and at The Dutch Umbrella, stand B11.

The Dutch face-book
Pick up the Dutch face-book at The Dutch Umbrella or have a look in the digital version . A practical guide of who’s who, including a comprised introduction of jazz and world music in The Netherlands and a selection of leading venues and festivals.

The Dutch Trade Lunch (Die Mühle)
Fri April 25 at 12:30pm. For invitees only.
With the support of the Netherlands Consulate General in Düsseldorf, we organize our yearly exclusive trade moment in the beautiful Mühle. Considering the full Jazzahead schedule, we chose a lunch, where Dutch artists/agents meet international professionals of their wish list.

The Dutch Showcases (Congress Centre, Schlachthof, Škoda Clubnight)
Sat April 26

Kaja Draksler (based in NL) 2:30 – 3pm Borgward Saal
Kapok 4:30 – 5pm Borgward Saal
Noam Vazana Trio (based in NL) 5:30 - 7:15pm Škoda Clubnight
Estafest 6:30 – 7pm Borgward Saal
Tin Men and the Telephone 8 - 8:30pm Schlachthof
Bram Stadhouders' Henosis 8:30 – 9pm Halle 2
Maria Mendes (based in NL) 10-11pm Škoda Clubnight.

A Toast to The King (Congress Centre, stand B11)
Sat April 26 at 5:30pm
On April 26 The Netherlands celebrate their first King’s Day. At Jazzahead we will not let this special moment pass by unnoticed. Please join us at The Dutch Umbrella at 5:30pm when we raise our glasses to the King!

See you at Jazzahead!

Sophie Blussé, Dutch Performing Arts/Performing Arts Fund NL

Ikaros van Duppen, Jazzday/Buma Cultuur

Ronald van Berkel, Buma Cultuur