Dutch Performing Arts

Dutch Performing Arts is a programme set up by the Performing Arts Fund with the aim of increasing the visibility of Dutch performing arts outside the Netherlands.

Dutch Performing Arts seeks to intensify the contact between Dutch artists and international customers. In addition, Dutch Performing Arts wants to increase the interest of international programmers for the Dutch performing arts and to stimulate the international ambitions of Dutch institutions with global potential. To this end, Dutch Performing Arts organises showcases at key events at home and abroad and visitor's programmes for relevant international guests. Furthermore, Dutch Performing Arts travels abroad to represent the Netherlands on the spot and/or to do research.

You can find more information and news on: www.dutchperformingarts.nl

Aad Hogervorst, programme director
[mailto:a.hogervorst@dutchperformingarts.nl a.hogervorst@dutchperformingarts.nl]
+31 (0)6 29738695

Anja Krans, programme manager
[mailto:a.krans@dutchperformingarts.nl a.krans@dutchperformingarts.nl]
+31 (0)6 24697297

Susanne Moed, programme manager
[mailto:s.moed@dutchperformingarts.nl s.moed@dutchperformingarts.nl]
+31 (0)6 41416338


news - Dutch Performing Arts

Residencies at PACT Zollverein: 2/2018

news - Dutch Performing Arts

Meet the Dutch in Avignon

During the Festival d'Avignon you can see two Dutch performances: The Fountainhead, based on Ayn Rand directed by Ivo van Hove, and The Humans, directed by Alexandre Singh. We gladly invite you to meet Ivo van Hove and Alexandre Singh at a reception on the 14th of July.