21 october 2016 until 23 october 2016

Let’s do it ourselves - Wunderbaum in Rio de Janeiro

by: Wunderbaum

A music-theatrical spectacle about the end of the welfare state and the dawning participation society. How large a government do we want? Do we feel abandoned or have we finally been liberated? A punkroad-show with bottom-up influences and a top-down selected gang of thugs, consisting of self-reliant citizens.

For the third time Wunderbaum will be guest at the TEMPO Festival in Rio de Janeiro. This time, we will make a brand new version of Let’s do it ourselves, together with Brazilian actors, musicians and locals. We’ll work with them for about one week. The performances will take place on October 22nd and 23rd.


grant for Dutch presentations abroad

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Foto: Wilfredo Amaya
Foto: Wilfredo Amaya
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Foto: Bart Grietens
Foto: Bart Grietens
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Let’s do it ourselves - Wunderbaum in Rio de Janeiro

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Photo: Abdi Ibrahim
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