Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a programme dedicated to developing talent in an international context.

Launched on 1 January 2014, the programme ‘Fast Forward: talent in international context’ offers talented artists the opportunity to work on a performance or concert under the auspices of a foreign producer. Mark Yeoman, as the intendant of the programme, worked with a group of experts to identify talented performing artists, in order to couple them with an international producer, company, stage or festival.

The participants in the programme not only have the opportunity to work on a specific project with prominent foreign producers, but also to present themselves with their end result on international stages. In this way, the makers can potentially achieve a milestone in their career.

Untill the 1st of april 2016 Mark Yeoman had final responsibility for both the selection of candidates and for the project proposals that were made with these candidates. Because of his new role as artistic leader of the Grand Theatre in Groningen - next to his function as artistic leader of Noorderzon - the Board of directors of the Performing Arts Fund and Mark Yeoman have decided he should resign as intendant.

External producer Benoît Vanraes wil continue the programme. He will be supported by 'scouts', professionals in the Dutch performing arts sector who are aware of the trends and who know talented performing artists. Benoît also works closely with international partners who are involved with these artistis. The scouts at present are: Pablo Cabenda, Guy Coolen, Anita van Dolen and Wouter van Ransbeek.

IIt is not possible to submit an application to Fast Forward. Because of the duration of the programme it is no longer possible to propose yourself or other performing artists for this programme. Please contact us via for specific questions about this programme.

The programme will run for three years, from 2014 through 2016. 12 to 15 performing artists are expected to realise a (multiannual) collaboration abroad, with the support of Fast Forward. For this three-year programme, 1.1 million euros have been made available.
Benoît Vanraes, external producer Fast Forward
Benoît Vanraes, external producer Fast Forward